These days the trend seems to be "the more the merrier" for ring wearing. So stack 'em high!
These beautifully made adjustable rings can be worn on your ring finger on Monday and your middle finger on Tuesday. Totally your call. Mix it up!

The Minna Ring by Jonesy Wood is delicate and unique.
The 18K plated braided design looks gorgeous alone or paired with other chain links, bands,
and whatever you like!
We see this ring with jeans, floral dresses, or whatever spring styles bring you joy!

(Retail Value for the
Jonesy Wood Minna Ring is $46)

Complete the Style with more of our adjustable rings!

Demi Waist Bag
By Pixie Mood

Close your eyes and imagine the perfect little bag.
Now open your eyes to see
the Demi Waist Bag by Pixie Mood.

This bag comes with 2 straps!
Start your day running errands wearing it as a waist bag with the belt strap. While walking through the Famers Market, throw it over your shoulder as a sling bag for easy on and off! Slide the bag to your back and you have a "sling-back" bag.

Now it's night time and you're headed out for some fun outdoor dining... so you decide to swap out the belt strap for the thin crossbody strap to elevate your style to a more elegant and feminine look!
Switch it up to have your bag meet you where you are in your day...
It's an all-in-one!

Pro tip: This bag is PERFECT for travel.
Pack one bag to cover all your
hand bag needs!

(Retail Value for the Demi Waist Bag
By Pixie Mood is $62)

Charming Necklace

The Charm trend is REAL!
For Spring, ELEVEN11 curated some perfect charms to start your
#charming collection!

Wear them one at a time, and switch them out to match your mood...
Or add to your collection and wear a bunch together!

We found you a classic14K plated sterling silver rolo chain that measures 16" with a built in 2" extender so you can wear it where you like! This is key when you layer your necklaces... so they don't all land at the same length!

These necklaces are totally personal and reflect your own unique character and style!
Don't over think it...  

(Retail value for this comination $48:
*16-18" Rolo Chain $26
*Starry Stones Circle Charm $12
*Gold Mini Lock $10)

Photos by Julia D'Agostino @juliadags