Are you like LEXI?

Today was busy advocating, prioritizing, and making moves.
Tonight, you’re headed for dinner with the gals at the new place on Main.
You’ll have a vodka soda and don’t forget the splash of cran…
In fashion, you’re less conservative, like to try things a little out of your comfort zone but still like to stay in your lane.

A few pieces that are totally LEXI

ELLIE VAIL River Necklace

Are you ready to feel beautifully badass??
The gold beading stands out on this bar pendant and makes a fully fashionable statement...
Unique and classic all at the same time!
Ellie Vail’s pieces are made from 18K gold plated hypoallergenic materials and are water resistant… Yes, you can wear them in the shower, pool, and ocean!

(Retail value for the Ellie Vail River Necklace is $58)

Pristine Crossbody Bag

Size does matter… in this case… the size of this Pristine Bag by Sol and Selene is a GAME CHANGER!
Take it to sporting events, concerts, or shopping in the city… You’re going to LOVE this mini workhorse!
The black is classic, just like you. And the gold zippers elevate the style of the bag to a true LEXI level!
Pristine comes with a crossbody strap, but if you’d like to make it even BETTER… check out all strap options on our Build a Bag page!
(Retail value of the SOL AND SELENE Pristine bag is $60)