Sorbet Island
Silk Scarf Bracelet

2020 needs a pick-me-up... AMIRIGHT?

Let me tell you one little piece that will help lift your spirits and make you feel a-ok...
This silk scarf bracelet
by Sorbet Island.
Available in a bunch of bright and happy prints, the Lexi ladies are getting Wild Horses and Nature Prints... Because we know you can rock these beauties.
The fabric is so soft, it's an absolute pleasure to have on!
By the way, did you happen to notice the packaging? Every Sorbet Bracelet is delivered in a ‘bottle-post’ of a very special kind: each bracelet comes in a glass tube with a good luck-fortune message.
The brand's name inspired by designer, Sophia Mamas, sitting beneath the shade of a lemon tree, eating sorbet ice-cream, thinking about all the good things and people in life, that are still to come. (smile)

(Retail Value for the Silk Scarf Bracelet
from Sortbet Island is $25)

AND... if you want to enhance the look of your Sorbet Bracelet for fall...
May we suggest the next item in your Fall 2020 subscription collection? Layer with the
14K Coco chainlink bracelet!

The Lexi
14K Chainlink Bracelet

We decided to
Complete The Style FOR YOU!
Here is a super-classic,
fabulously updated
chainlink bracelet to wear on its own OR with your Sorbet Island Bracelet! This beauty is 14K gold fill so you can wear it everyday, not take it off, and it will LAST!

(Retail value for the
Lexi 14K Chainlink Bracelet is $48)

Sol and Selene Tech Case

Are you working from home? Brainstorming your next life plan? Banking online?
Watching Netflix on your tablet?
This stylish and functional tech case by Sol and Selene will keep your tech gadgets safe as you find your way in this new work-from-wherever-you-can world we are living in! Even if you're simply taking your screens to the back yard for some peace and quiet.

(Retail value for the
Sol and Selene Tech Case is $50)

Beaded Mask Chain

This little accessory has made life
Clip the jewelry clips onto your mask ear loops and you will have quick and easy on/ off access to your face mask! Whether you're running errands, working or working out, you will always know where your mask is... and here's the added bonus... it looks like another necklace!
Wait... there's MORE!
When we can finally get rid of all the masks, you can clip the 2 clips together and you have a bright new beaded necklace or wrap bracelet!
You're welcome!

(Retail Value of the Beaded Mask Chain is $18)

The No-Touch Keychain

Sooooo... We have a feeling you've seen this around and wanted to buy one but haven't gotten around to it...

This is the brilliant keychain designed to help with opening doors and pushing various buttons that one would normally touch with their hands.

It is designed to help provide a barrier of sorts to commonly touched objects with today's situation in mind.
Pro Tip: Keep this keychain handy when walking to your car or apartment in the evening hours...

Please do not replace this tool with hand washing...

Sending our love and good vibes. Be safe.