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The Marlyn Schiff Ivory Teardrop Earring

I bet you don't already have a pair of these gorgeous bold earrings!  
The Ivory Teardrop has such impact and is beautifully feminine.  
Great for Blondes, Brunettes, Redheads, and every shade in-between...
EVERYONE can rock these fabulous earrings.  
The teardrop shape is bordered with a delicate smoky pave stone... perfect for evening...
We just made your holiday go-to jewelry selection VERY easy!

(Retail Value of The Ivory Teardrop Earring from Marlyn Schiff is $48)

The Soft Check Square Scarf in Black

Black goes with EVERYTHING!
This check is happening in a big way right now...
And we found the perfect version to add to your accessories wardrobe. This is a square scarf and looks best folded like a triangle and worn back to front... see our how-to-video.
Also super cozy and tres chic when worn around your shoulders as a wrap.
Stay toasty ladies!

(retail value for The Soft Check Scarf in Black is $48)


So you know that plain pair of sneakers you have in your closet that you still love because they're oh-so-comfy
but you wish they had a little more... well... pizzazz??

(Enter Shoe Fringe)... These fun shoe adornments can be added to any shoes with laces!  
This is the easiest way to immediately add some pep to your step and glitz to your glam...
All your friends are going to flip out (in the best way) - I promise.  
The pair of fringe in your subscription is the short length... to
Complete this Style, layer 2 pairs of Fringe (one long and one short) to create the adorable looks you see in this picture above... Have fun!

(Retail value for the Shoe Fringe is $24)

The Mini Card Wallet

You have a bunch of bags...
Big bags, small bags, bucket bags, clutches (and the Pristine and Dani bags from the last box - so good -
am I right!?)...
So you need a mini card wallet!
This fits in bags of all shapes and sizes... AND it fits right in your pocket!!
It's physically small... but its usefulness is MIGHTY!
And it makes switching bags on the daily MUCH easier! #justsayin'

(Retail Value of the Mini Card Wallet is $20)


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