Leather Necklace with Gold Tube Bead
by Sofia Ramsay

Did you ever think you'd be accessorizing your sweats??
Guess what... that's what's happening in 2020!
Handcrafted in Brooklyn by new mama, Sofia Ramsay, this easy to wear, pop of "fresh" necklace will make you very happy! It's light, it's bright, and it's totally on trend... Just like you Lexi!
Pair it with your swimsuit, loungewear, or dress it up!

You're going to wear this necklace

All. The. Time.

(Retail Value for the Leather Necklace from Sofia Ramsay is $36)

AND... if you want to turn up the volume on your Leather Necklace every once in awhile...
COMPLETE THE STYLE by layering the Dakota Necklace with the Bailey 18K Plated Chainlink necklace
from Ellie Vail!

This classic 20" chainlink necklace is designed to be safe in water (i.e. pool, beach, shower).

The Foldable and Packable Panama Hat with UPF50

This magical unicorn of a hat, can be folded & packed, which as you know is the most amazing thing in the whole wide world BECAUSE how many times have you headed out for the pool/ beach/ vacation and thought, "What am I going to do with this hat!?" Just fold it in half, throw it in your bag, and be on your way! AND... Not, only does the wider brim of the Panama hat offer more sun protection, this beauty is also equipped with UPF50 so your skin will thank you!

(Retail value for the Panama Hat is $45)

Zoey Opal Fringe
Huggie Earrings
by Five and Two

SO SO SUMMERY... Just what we need! These simulated opal fringe beauties are like a tropical vacation in the form of an earring.
Zoey Huggies from Five and Two have become a staple in my accessories wardrobe because they are unique and totally on trend! All this packed into an easy to wear everyday size.

(Retail value for the Zoey Huggies is $60)

Little Printed Zip Tote  

Speaking of little powerhouses, check out this simple little zip pouch that easily fits into your bag or suitcase... When you need it most, unzip this pouch to become a perfect shopper tote/ beach bag/ carry on! Available in awesome punchy prints that remind us of beautiful scarves by designers that sound like "Mucci", "Vissoni", and "Fermes". (wink)

(Retail Value of the little printed zip tote is $24)

Face Mask

What a different world we are living in right now! We want you to be safe and healthy. We also know face masks are hard to come by and since we'll be wearing them for awhile, we'd like to offer a "cute" one! A gift from us to you. Sending our love and good vibes. Be safe.


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