Lolita Tote
by Shiraleah Chicago

I bet you're ready to get out...
Am I right?
Pack your new Lolita bag from Shiraleah Chicago with your favorite book, SPF50, towel and maybe a toy or snack for the kiddos and head out in style!
You can carry it all without sacrificing your carefully curated look!
This goodie has plenty of room...

(Retail Value for the
Lolita Tote by Shiraleah is $30)


Beaded Wrist Stack
By Marlyn Schiff x ELEVEN11

Sometimes I get creative...
and Marlyn Schiff is the perfect person to call to help bring these creative ideas to life!
We collaborated to design and create these fun and bright wrist stacks, perfect for summer outfits, pools, beach,
whatever you have on tap!
Dress them up or down...
you can put them on immediately and take them off in September! They're just that good.

(Retail Value for the Beaded Wrist Stack
By Marlyn Schiff x ELEVEN11 is $36)

Delicate Baguette Anklet

We've been into the anklet trend for a few years now... but it has never felt more "now" than right now!

If you're not sure... a little hesitant... do yourself a favor, and try it on.
You will be instantly transformed into a full on anklet fan!

This delicate and beautiful piece is 14K plated sterling silver with mini CZ baguettes.

(Retail value for the Delicate Baguette Anklet
by ELEVEN11 is $40

Jewelry Travel Case
by Freeship

It's time to get back out there!

(And bring your favorite jewelry pieces with you in this mini jewelry travel case!)

Our wish for you this summer is to get back to life, travel, and glam up! We've earned our moment in the sun.

(Retail Value for the Jewelry Travel Case
by Freeship is $24

Photos by Julia D'Agostino @juliadags